Tía Chuck: A Portrait of Chuck Ramirez is the captivating feature length directorial debut by filmmakers Angela and Mark Walley chronicling the life and work of the late artist Chuck Ramirez (1962-2010). A native San Antonian, Ramirez had a successful career in graphic design and advertising before he came unto his own as a conceptual artist in his early thirties. Ramirez was a charismatic and integral part of a flourishing contemporary art scene in San Antonio and saw his HIV+ diagnosis in the early 1990s as motivation to pursue his dream of becoming a successful working artist. Primarily employing large-scale photography, Ramirez’s artworks investigate everyday life and are charged with metaphors of cultural identity, sexuality, and mortality.

Chuck Ramirez
Pinata Series: Gregory, 2002 
Whatacup, 2002
Courtesy Ruiz-Healy Art

Before his untimely death in a bicycle accident in 2010, Ramirez had become a central and larger-than-life figure in San Antonio’s art community. He was a dedicated supporter and advocate for contemporary art and prolific artist who successfully exhibited his work nationally and internationally. Chuck's legacy continues to impact the San Antonio art community through the Casa Chuck Residency Program, which provides curators and writers a haven for their creative pursuits in Ramirez’ former abode. In 2017, The McNay Art Museum hosted "Chuck Ramirez: All This and Heaven Too”, the first significant survey of Ramirez's work and the largest exhibition to date by a South Texas Artist in San Antonio. In 2012, The Smithsonian American Art Museum acquired Ramirez's work for the institution’s permanent collection and through the work of Ruiz-Healy Art, the exclusive representative for the estate of Chuck Ramirez, his artwork continues to be regularly exhibited and collected around the world.

Filmmakers Angela and Mark Walley pictured at Casa Chuck, 2018


Directed & Edited by
Angela and Mark Walley

Angela Walley
Producer / Interviews / Archive Research / Production Coordinator

Mark Walley
Director of Photography / Music Composer / Production Design
Chuck Ramirez
Charles Ramirez
Patricia Marcus
Jeff Adams
David S. Rubin
Henry Estrada
Bettie Ward
Franco Mondini-Ruiz
Alejandro Diaz
Chris Sauter
Mike Casey
Rick Frederick

Rick Liberto
Lori and Joel Dunlap
Rudy Choperena
Stephen Marcus
Christopher Marcus
Tom Trevino
Steven Kluck
Julián Castro
Claudia Arozqueta
Kristy Perez

And Reuben Frey as Young Chuck

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